Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Hybrid Vaporizer
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Storz & Bickel’s new Volcano Hybrid combines years of experience and reinvention into the iconic vaporizer. The unit features a few key features that enhance the vaping experience like never before.

When you choose to buy the Volcano Hybrid, you’re choosing a model that offers:

Whip Attachment

Volcano Whip Attachment

Vaporizers force you into inhalation through a balloon or tube kit, but after years of feedback, the Hybrid allows you to use a whip attachment. Choose to use the tube kit or the valve balloon – it’s your choice.

It’s quick and easy to switch between the whip attachment or the balloon to achieve your desired taste.

What’s the benefit of the whip or balloon?

Whip Benefits

The whip allows for more mobility than a balloon, and the whip allows for greater control over vape density. Whips attach right to the source, so there is a learning curve when trying to find just the right vapor quality for you.

Quick draws allow you to lower the flavor content while long draws will provide a stronger, denser flavor.

Whips take less time to setup and start vaping, but you do have to master the whip to get consistent flavor.

Traditional Balloon System

When you use a balloon, it will be able to produce a smooth flavor that is consistent in your entire balloon bag. The vapor is trapped in the bag longer, but it’s not ideal to vape with stale vapor.

Balloons allow for less flavor refinement than the whip does, and the setup process is slightly longer. You have to wait for the bag to fill with vapor, unlike the whip which allows you to start vaping once the unit hits its desired heat.

And the Volcano Hybrid allows you to do both. Attaching either kit is fast and easy, and with the digital temperature control, you’ll be able to enjoy consistent flavor from one session to the next.

Volcano Hybrid App

An app is the next logical step for the Volcano, and an app has been included with the Hybrid. An iOS and Android app have been developed, and the app allows you to control all of your vaporizer’s settings.

You’ll be able to connect to the device using Bluetooth to be able to make adjustments to:

  • Workflows
  • Automatic pumping
  • Timed intervals
  • Temperature settings

Workflows are a very nice addition because they allow for true customization over your vaping.

You can have the workflow change from minute to minute to be able to enhance your vapor quality and allow for true flavor customization.

If you don’t want to use the app, you can use the digital interface to change a variety of settings.

The app is a nice addition that allows you to control your vaporizer from across the room. When it comes to customization, the app provides the industry’s best method of complete device customization available.

If you learn to master the app and workflows, this is the one feature that can make more of an impact than any other presented. The Volcano Hybrid’s workflow settings are neat, and they allow you to start experimenting with timed intervals and heat settings in new, fun ways.

You can have the unit heat up at one temperature for five minutes, cool for 10 minutes for a different experience and then heat back up at the end of the workflow. If you prefer to take light hits first followed by cooler vapor, you have the option to do this with workflows.

Workflows are an impressive, intuitive way to enhance the vaping experience.

Upgraded Removable Power Plug

The power plug is removable, allowing for easier transport.

While not a major enhancement, a removable power cord also means that if something happens to your plug, it can be replaced. The convenience this offers is surprising great.

The manufacturer has also redeveloped their heat exchanger, offering a double helix model that can preheat to your desired temperature in just 40 seconds. It’s effective heating that provides smooth, dense vapor with each vaping session.

Everything you need to get started vaping comes with the Hybrid. You’re able to use the Easy Valve mouthpiece and adapter for the balloon. There’s a filing chamber and also an air filter set provided. There’s an herb mill along with all of the pieces needed to clean your vaporizer.