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If you’re looking for a new vaporizer, your first thought is probably to consider the newest models on the market.

However, newer doesn’t always mean better, and that’s certainly the case here.

The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has been on the market for more than ten years, but many still consider it to be the best in the business.

Volcano Classic vs Digital

There are two different models available: while the classic model with its analog dial was the first professional grade home vaporizer, the newer Volcano digital model includes a number of upgrades and advantages that will make it the preferred option for most people.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the Volcano Vaporizer and see just why it’s considered the best of the best.

How it Works

The Volcano is very simple to operate.

Simply add your herb to the Volcano, select the settings on the digital display, and wait for the balloon to fill.

Then remove it and inhale as you please.

It creates this vapor by extracting particles from the herbs into the air that is pushed into the balloon, so you’re not inhaling smoke or anything else that could damage your lungs.

You get all the benefits of inhaling without any of the negatives of smoking. Vaporizing herbs is much safer and more effective.

To be more precise, the Volcano actually pulls in air through a filtered intake (filtered so the air you inhale is as clean as possible).

It then heats up the air in the heating chamber until it reaches the vaporization temperature.

Then the air is released into the area where you placed your herbs. The hot air vaporizes the herbs and pushes that vapor up into the balloon.

Since nothing is burning or combusting, there are no carcinogens in the air.

The Volcano was carefully designed to reach and maintain a temperature that’s slightly above the point where herbs start to vaporize. This is actually the optimum temperature because it makes the vapor the most potent and flavorful. It also keeps the temperature and air flow consistent, and by using a balloon instead of inhaling via smoke, you’re consistently inhaling the same amount each time. That can be important for medical marijuana patients.

The entire unit is made out of stainless steel, and it has a good, solid feel to it. It’s not going to break if it falls off the desk, but it’s very unlikely to take a tumble, anyway—the base of the Volcano measures about 8 inches in diameter, so it’s very secure.

It is one of the bigger vaporizers available, so you’ll need a good sized space to put it. As far as weight goes, it doesn’t weigh any more than about four pounds.

Controlling your System

The Original Volcano Classic Analog Dial

While the Volcano Classic is arguably the easier to use option—just set the dial and go—it doesn’t give you nearly as much control over the vaporization process.

digital volcano vape controls
Digital LED Display

The digital Volcano features an LED display that lets you precisely set the temperature, so there’s no guesswork involved.

You’ll see your selected temperature (in green on the bottom of the display) and the current temperature (in red at the top), so you’ll have an idea of when your vapor will be ready.

The controls are still very simple.

Instead of turning a dial, all you have to do is press the plus or minus buttons to adjust the temperature.

The digital model has a larger temperature range, too.

The classic model ranges from 266 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, while the digital model can drop down as low as 104 degrees (the high end is the same). Both models will automatically shut off after a specific amount of time, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the device on by accident.

Other than the temperature setting controls, you’ll find two buttons on the lower part of the Volcano.

Vaporizer Volcano

The read Heat button turns on the device, including the LED panel, and starts the heating process. You’ll see the yellow light located between the red and green buttons light up while the device is heating the air. Once the Volcano is up to the temperature you set, the light goes off. That’s when you press that green Air button and fill up the balloon.

As long as the device is on, the yellow light will occasionally come on to indicate that the Volcano is heating up. This ensures that the vapor is always ready to go. It will also remain on after you turn off the device (by pressing the red button again) until the Volcano has completely cooled down.

These controls are incredibly easy to use. The two-button system and the light could easily have been integrated into the LED screen, but by leaving them separate, the designers ensured that the digital Volcano is as easy to operate as possible. You won’t need a large instruction manual to get the Volcano up and going.

Valve Options

Volcano vaporizer bags
The Volcano Ships With 5 Easy Bags.

The Volcano has two different valve options: solid or easy. These valves are made from stainless steel and other heat-resistant materials. The solid valve can be customized—you trim the balloon material to the size of your choice. You do need to clean the valve regularly, but other than that, you simply put on a new balloon each time.

The easy valve is easier to use because it’s disposable.

The balloon is already attached to the value, too, so there’s no customization here. All you do is put the valve onto the Volcano and let it do its thing. When you’re done, you throw it all away and get out a new easy valve for next time. Because you’re replacing the entire thing instead of just the plastic bag, you’ll pay a bit more for the easy valve, but you also don’t have to dismantle your Volcano for cleaning.

You do get five easy valves with the starter kit, but you’re probably going to want to buy some extras right away.


The Volcano has been fully certified by TUV SUD, the Southern Technical Inspection Association located in Germany. This organization ensures that products are safe and reliable. If you have been paying attention to vaporizers in the news lately, you always see stories about the pen style vapes exploding.  Rest assured, that will not be a concern with the Volcano vape.  It meets all the safety requirements outlined in DIN EN ISO 60 335, the guide for household appliance safety.

Why Buy The Volcano Digital Vaporizer?

Now that we’ve gone over how the Volcano works and its different parts, you probably have a good idea of why this is one of the top vaporizers on the market.

Here’s a summary of the Volcano’s high points and why it remains the best desktop vaporizer on the market:

  • Potent: vaporized herb is much more effective than smoked herb.
  • Clean: because you’re not inhaling any actual smoke, using the Volcano is actually much cleaner and safer than smoking, but you still get the benefits.
  • Easy to use: the LED screen and controls are very intuitive and clearly labeled.
  • Safe: the Volcano has been certified as a safe device. The indicator brightly lights up when the device is hot.
  • Size: the Volcano’s durable base protects it from falls, yet it’s still easily transportable.
  • Flexible: you can use the solid valve if you want to decide on the size of your balloons, or you can use the easy valve if you don’t want to worry about cleaning the Volcano.
  • Warranty:  at this price point, you are making a serious investment and Storz & Bickel stand behind their product with the best warranty in the industry.

All in all, the digital Volcano Vaporizer is a great investment for those who regularly inhale or who have a medical need for cannabis.

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